Graham Copsey Expertise Graham Copsey Knows all of the reasons why so many people who wish to live abroad turn to him. Graham Copsey knows each country's immigration legislation back to front. Graham Copsey knows it all not just as it relates to employment, but as it relates to all the categories of migration permitted by each government - many of which are not public knowledge. So Graham Copsey’s recommended route may be one which you had not contemplated - or even thought possible!   Warning: Find out the TRUTH about Graham Copsey Graham Copsey can help you get your new life abroad. Graham copsey knows that even some of the most carefully prepared visa applications can be rejected for seemingly the slightest of reasons. Graham Copsey also knows that Embassy officials are under no obligation to explain why an application has been rejected, so you could easily find yourself turned down without understanding why and unable to rectify the situation.  Graham Copsey knows that Above all, it's important to realise that it is the embassy official's job to look for reasons to reject - not accept - your application! Also the success of your application may depend on the pass or pool mark in force at the time your application is assessed - not at the time it is lodged. © Copyright 2012 Graham Copsey. All Rights Reserved.